Bonbons de Paris Madeleines

The intent is to provide amazing snacks and pastries from a variety of locations worldwide. Bonbons de Paris has delivered a unique international product called madeleines. These madeleine treats are a small cake like pastries that deliver a light texture and sweet flavor baked in special molds to provide a seashell shape.  

The term Bonbons means sweets in French or “Sweets of Paris.” Bonbons de Paris uses the colors of the French flag to indicate the international connection with these unique treats. Buttery French sweets continue to delight food lovers worldwide. 

When we call treats “bonbons”, we are simply using the French word for “goodies.” Madeleine cakes are considered among the most distinguished of the classic French butter cakes, consisting of a cake-like texture and a unique seashell shape. Today’s calorie-conscious consumers often serve Madeline cookies as a portion-controlled alternative to cake.