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  1. Bonbons de Paris Madeleine Cookies, Authentic French Mini Cakes, Traditional Marble French Sponge Cake, Imported from France, All Natural, Non-GMO, Fresh Baked, Individually Wrapped (8.8oz bag
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  1. Biscottelli Wafer Cookies, Lemon Cream Filled, Imported from Italy, All Natural, Non-GMO, Fresh Baked, Bite Sized Snacks (8.8oz bag)
  1. Biscottelli Macaron Cookies (Vanilla) - Gluten Free, 5 Individually Wrapped, Shelf Stable Baked Gourmet Cookies made with a French Recipe
  1. Dolcibono Wafers With Hazelnut Cream Filling - 8.8oz (250g)
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