Biscottelli Macaron Chocolate Flavor Gourmet Cookies - Gluten Free

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  • Unlike refrigerated macarons, Biscottelli Chocolate Macaron cookies are shelf stable with a crisp exterior and cream filling.
  • Biscottelli Chocolate Macaron Cookies sandwich cream between bold chocolate flavors.
  • An ideal cookie for any occasion as a delicious treat.
  • Imported by 360 World Snacks, these tasty macaron cookies have a delicate and chewy texture with bold chocolate filling.
  • Made from all-natural ingredients, this European-style cookie does not need refrigeration and is shelf stable.
  • Chewy and decadent gourmet macaron cookies with a sweet and rich chocolate filling.
  • Macaron box contains five individually-wrapped Chocolate Macaron Cookies.
  • A light and satisfying treat for after dinner or a snack throughout the day.
  • Net Weight 2.1 oz.
Allergy Information -

Contains: Nuts, Eggs, Milk and Soy.