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Four Ways to Improve Your Holiday Gift Shopping This Year

As much as we all look forward to our holiday celebrations, some of the changes our world has endured over the past two years have changed our lives and inevitably, the way we buy gifts.

We notice reminders from retailers so early in the season that it’s sometimes shocking but this year their prompting to start holiday gift shopping early is warranted. Their advertisements don’t include this information, but American industries are facing many challenges this year, including labor shortages and delayed or broken supply chains.

What can shoppers expect as a result? There will likely be limited inventory in stores. It will disappear more quickly as well and will probably not be discounted very much if at all. For people who shop online, they may not only face limited inventory but also longer shipping times.

How can we work around these issues? Here are four strategies to help improve your holiday gift shopping experience this year.

  1. Set a budget and stick to it – Industry professionals are already warning consumers that they will be better off paying full price for the toys and gifts they want to be certain they will get them at all. Waiting for better prices may mean missing out entirely or worse, lower inventory levels may cause prices to spike. Now is a good time to review your finances to be sure how much discretionary income you have so that you don’t overextend because you had to pay full or escalating prices.
  2. Use a “buy now pay later” plan – If your financial situation is just too tight, there are ways to stretch out your payments over time. Using a store’s layaway program is a classic example, but now there are many other options. PayPal offers the ability to make payments over time for charged purchases. Another good option is to find a low or no interest rate credit card that will allow you to pay off the charges on your timeline without incurring extra interest charges. There are also online merchants that will offer you the chance to pay in monthly installments.
  3. Find other ways to save money for holiday gifts – Some simple ways to save money for the holidays include limiting impulse purchases, cooking meals at home, cancelling unused subscriptions, and shopping around for lower insurance rates and credit cards that offer sign up and cash back rewards as well as lower interest rates.
  4. Shop at discount outlets and online merchants for unique holiday gifts – There’s nothing wrong with paying less for the same items. It’s the thought that counts, right? And there are so many hidden gems like 360WorldSnacks.com that offer delectable treats for everyone’s palate at affordable prices and with several different payment options. Almost anyone would enjoy a tantalizing macaron or madeleine with a hot beverage.

In a world that is limiting our options this holiday season, we as consumers can get creative and work around these obstacles to provide ourselves and our families with an endearing holiday celebration.